The Head and The Hands


The Head and The Hands is a complete method for beginner to intermediate drummers containing group pieces, snare solos, improvisation sections and exercises. It is intended for use in classroom music programs with specialist percussion sections, drumming units or percussion ensemble development. The instrumentation is flexible allowing great freedom for schools with limited or unlimited access to equipment.

Following explanations of drum stick types the book promptly introduces the essentials to ensure student success. Notation is presented in two systems (words and numbers) for multiple intelligences and continues into beautifully presented reading practice. Borrowing from the tradition of ‘Drumline’ group exercises are provided to teach rudiments and motions found in real-life situations.

The pieces are designed to engage all students with their short durations, scope for improvisation, stylistic relevance and provision to extend advanced students. The aim of this book is to train well-rounded percussionists who will learn to become independent musicians that confidently interpret and perform band music.

It is the author’s hope that by gaining musical independence, the student will truly begin to enjoy learning music, leading to a life-long interest in playing, creating and sharing music with others.

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