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No Mean Feat


5 or more players – Easy. Performance time 2 minutes 5 seconds.

No Mean Feat was designed for young percussion groups to consolidate quarter and eighth note rhythms. It is punchy, leaves little room for error, and has application to drum kit grooves. There are contrasting ‘thunder and lightning’ sections to allow the musical story to unfold, as well as a drum line style shout before the return of the main theme. Back sticking on the accents can be applied to this section for show as an extension.

Note: MIDI instrumentation in the sound recording limited use of the actual instruments scored for in the quiet sections. Rain stick and a clearly articulated ride cymbal should feature.


Snare Drums (x2)
Mounted Tambourine
Wind Chimes (x2)
Suspended Cymbal
Floor Toms (x2)
Rain Stick
Concert Bass Drum
Whistle (optional)

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