The Artillery for Drums

John Morrison
“The Artillery for Drums” is my first choice for the aspiring drummer. Its complete and thorough approach is beautifully complimented with internet references and links. This brings to life a level of comprehension not found in other books. For the price of a drum lesson it will be a valuable tool for decades! It’s a “must have” – highly recommended!

Sarah – Year 6
I’ve found this to be very useful, like a drum dictionary. Where there is something I don’t know, I go to the contents page and can guarantee it will be there. I find it very easy to understand and always refer back to it. It is an excellent book and can’t wait for the second one!

Sergei Golovko (Director Australian Percussion Academy)
The Artillery for Drums is a valuable method book and will appeal to the young drum set and percussion students. The Author – Mat Duniam – has selected practical, very interesting and useful rhythmic patterns, grooves and fill-variations based on his own experience and through the historical analysis of the styles from “simple” rock to “complicated” Cuban and Caribbean… after working with this book my students always feel very inspired and open-minded about creating their own drum charts and solos. Great book! Great stuff!

Sasha – Year 8
The Artillery for Drums is a very useful tool especially for students. It provides the basics, histories and various genres on each page. As a student, it is a very helpful and informative learning tool because it taught me how to play from simple to much harder topics plus it gave me more knowledge and skills on different genres of music like jazz, rock and many more.

Nick Wilkins (Wilko Music Education and Masterclasses)
The Artillery for Drums is one of the best resources out there with detailed information on a huge variety of grooves. It’s easy to tell that author Mat Duniam is a very passionate performer and educator by how thorough and practical the book is! Thank you Mat for such a great book. It’s so concise; it should almost be called the Drummers Bible!

Chloe – Year 9
The Artillery for Drums is the best drum book I have come across in my three years of learning. It covers nearly everything there is to know about drums. Every page has a history of the grooves, rhythm or genre you are playing, a recommended drummer for the skill you are using and absolutely amazing beats. I would recommend this book to anyone learning, or wanting to learn drums. From this book I have taken many ideas and used them to create drum solos and build repertoire for many genres. This helps me to play the melody and come up with rhythms that work with the song. The Artillery for Drums has further extended my music knowledge and theory. This book is the guide to becoming a fantastic, talented and well equipped drummer.

Erica Rasmussen
I use The Artillery for Drums on a regular basis with my students. There is a great mix of snare drum rudiments and creative rock beats. I particularly appreciate the links to real songs on each page. This gives students an immediate historical and cultural context for the beats and exercises. This textbook has been carefully put together and is easy to follow. Drummers of all abilities will enjoy this book!

Jess – Post Year 12
Mat Duniam’s Artillery for Drums was a great help whilst completing VCE music. I found the easy-to-ready instructions, song references and history on each genre not only incredibly interesting but allowed me to understand the content I was learning. I have used the book heavily for my playing out of school too. When writing songs, this is the most thorough and user-friendly reference around. I strongly recommend Artillery for Drums for students at any level.

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